A. To the Community

B. To the Funder

On-site “in community” health services can assist nonprofit organizations and private funders alike in offering a needed service to communities and, thus, expand their presence as socially-conscious entities. Group appointments for chronic medical conditions is a convenient and effective model for the provision of chronic disease management services whose costs are affordable and predictable to the funding entity. The model promotes greater community interaction and self-reliance for achieving the difficult behavioral changes (diet, exercise) required for the successful management of chronic medical conditions. As such, this is an important and much needed service which nonprofit organizations or private funders may consider as a means to serve a given community’s health needs.

Medical and health promotion services decrease health-related costs over time to the population served by facilitating prevention, early detection, and management of the common chronic conditions. ONSITE HEALTH SOLUTIONS provides to sponsors aggregate date for monitoring the progress and impact of the services on a given population.