The community-based services provided by ONSITE HEALTH SOLUTIONS can be divided into two general areas: On-site (in-community) Medical Care (mobile clinics) and On-site (in-community) Health Promotion and Disease Prevention programs (see service organizational chart below).

The On-site Group Appointments for Chronic Diseases occur through scheduled periodic visits by the ONSITE HEALTH SOLUTIONS Mobile Clinics to specific communities. The mobile clinics are staffed by licensed physicians and/or physician assistants and nurses so that diagnosis, treatment and management of the majority of chronic medical conditions affecting community members are possible. Screening for the most common age- and sex-appropriate conditions, and ongoing management of chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes) and monitoring of compliance with treatment can more easily occur because of the convenience and no- or low-cost to the patient of the on-site services.

The On-site Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Programs are joint community-based efforts between ONSITE HEALTH SOLUTIONS personnel and the sponsoring entity who together would create and implement:

  • Community-wide “screenings” for chronic diseases (e.g., finger stick blood glucose measurements for diabetes or blood pressure measurements for hypertension);
  • Health education coordination based on the specific health needs of the population;
  • establishment of disease-specific support groups designed to incorporate members of the immediate community to facilitate ongoing peer support; and
  • establishment of community-based walking groups designed to motivate community residents to engage in and support each other’s continuing participation in a regular exercise program.

ONSITE HEALTH SOLUTIONS and the program funder agree upon the specific set of services to be provided to a given community. A funder may wish to offer “free” (no cost to user) or subsidized medical care services to a particular population, in a particular neighborhood, or in the immediate vicinity to a company facility. Examples of preventive and early intervention programs could be providing screening for chronic diseases such as asthma in schools or diabetes in communities.

ONSITE HEALTH SOLUTIONS offers in-community delivery of health and wellness services by a well-trained, highly-motivated team under the leadership of a "star" physician with extensive experience in community-based primary health care and preventive health services.

ONSITE HEALTH SOLUTIONS will maintain privacy and adhere to all confidentiality rules according to HIPAA.