Worksite medical care is provided through mobile or permanent on-site medical clinics utilizing dedicated professional staff, contracted laboratory and other diagnostic and therapeutic services, and referrals to medical specialists to care for the health needs of employees.

Company-or site-specific health promotion programs and health and productivity measurement methods are developed jointly between ONSITE HEALTH SOLUTIONS personnel, company administration, and employees. These are based on existing company data and on a diagnostic assessment of the company-wide health status and are driven by the employees’ and the company’s needs and resources.

An additional unique service which ONSITE HEALTH SOLUTIONS offers is the provision of employer-sponsored medical and preventive services to designated populations other than the workforce. For example, a company may wish to provide medical services to the family members of their employees or to a population in the immediate vicinity to the company facility (see section on Community-based Health Solutions).

ONSITE HEALTH SOLUTIONS accepts full-risk arrangements in providing high quality worksite medical and preventive services. ONSITE HEALTH SOLUTIONS will uphold patient privacy and complete confidentiality as well as adhere to all HIPAA rules; individualized employee information will not be shared with employers.